Sales Road To Singapore 2012

25 July 2012

Despite the presence of RIA INDO AGRI is still fairly new but in fact the products have been well received by the farms and plantations in Indonesia.

This is evidenced by the achievement of targets set by the Sales Management Team so that the date July 15-17, 2012, Ria Management Team along with the sales team to reach the target having the Singapore Tour + Universal Studios.

The Tour was organized to provide an appreciation To the Executive and Area Sales Manager who has contributed to the sales exceeded the set target for Stuntman, Bigquat, and Nelumbo.

This remarkable achievement can not be separated from the support of PT Ria Indo agri products that give priority to Best Quality, so that both farmers and dealers really feel the benefits, and also of course the role of the distributor (dealer) is essential in order to achieve this target.

On behalf of our PT.RIA INDO AGRI would like to gratitude for the cooperation that have been nurtured by both the Sales Team and Distributor (dealers) so far, I hope PT Ria Indo Agri can continue to be the best partner for farmers in Indonesia to develop the quality of the plants.