Harvest Event

11 April 2012

April 3, 2012 we perform exactly the village Harvest Sukareja District Sukasari Subang district. Extraordinary enthusiasm of the farmers in attendance, so the presence of farmers who were invited even more than what we expected. We want to show the farmers in particular that the passing moment of our Harvest This product is mainly stuntman Nelumbo 500 SL and 250 EC is more qualified.

Full swing, the first harvest was also conducted and attended by Kang Ojang Acting Regent Sohandi Subang, Subang District Agriculture Office Head of the father of H. Djadja Rohadamadja, Extension Executive Agency of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry and Food Security (BP4KKP) Subang District Mr. H. Endang, Head Sukasari Drs. Abdul Rohim, the village district Sukasari chief, Farmers Association (Gapoktan) Prosperous Farmers and other invited guests. Present from the PT RIA, National Sales Manager (NSM) Mr. Agus Komaruzaman, Bussines Devepolment Manager Mr Ivan T. and Tim. Various banners and banners stuntman Nelumbo also seen on all sides that would be harvested and the fields around the stage. Blend it all together for this festive moment of harvest. There are some very special words expressed by the Acting Regent Subang Ojang Sohandi kang, "A variety of agricultural poisons are offered to farmers with promises of quality products, but the farmers themselves who decide what is good for their farm, of course, with the guidance of the field extension workers, the group holder farmers and the escorting of nursery products to today's Harvest"

Harvest results are also obtained as much as 11.5 tons of paddy rice Dry Pick (GKP), certainly above average for the general 8-9 tons per ha. Of this is that the product yields stuntman Nelumbo 500 SL and 250 EC provide evidence to the farmer instead of promises.