Preparation of a New Product Launch

7 February 2011

Currently, PT RIA is still busy in preparation for launching several new products that will be developed in the future, especially the products that contain active Stuntman 500SL dimehypo. This product can be quite superior, just look for the content of the active ingredient is mixed in it reaches 50%, equivalent to dg 500 g / l which is still not common in the market.

In addition to product Stuntman 500 SL has been carried out demonstration plots in the first planting season, and the results of that proves that the Stuntman is superior to control rice stem borer, white and planthopper pests compared with other similar products on demonstration plots and field trials. With a high ability to control these pests, dry harvested grain production per ha was higher. Basically Stuntman already on the market for now.

Besides, we also are preoccupied with some brands and products we develop in the future which will include several types of various classes of active ingredients, with sufficient vision and we strive to provide the best quality for agriculture and plantation in Indonesia.