11 April 2012

Event organized by Sang Hyang time series was the day after our Great Harvest is 4 to 5 April 2012 in the village located precisely in the area's Sukamandi Sang Hyang Series. We occupy Stand No. 6 of 25 stand as partner Sang Hyang Series. Stuntman product Nelumbo 500 SL and 250 EC are present as our flagship brand products at this event.

On December 4 Event Technology was opened by the Minister of Agriculture Suswono, Head of the Department of Agriculture offices in West Java Province, and two members of the House of Representatives committee 4. Present on the first day of the exhibition some of them farmers from Indramayu, Cirebon and Subang with a total visitor about 1000 farmers. The next day which is the last day of the mat (5 April 2012) attended by about 1200 farmers from Garut, Cianjur, Bekasi, Subang, and others.

Visitors are very excited by our booth and see display Nelumbo stuntman, because distand we also showed some clumps of rice ready for harvest by using a stuntman Nelumbo 500 EC and 250 EC.