Demplot and FM

7 June 2011

PT RIA and field personnel have conducted several demonstration plots and field efficacy trials. Join with some support worker and peasant landowners we demonstration plots together using a PT RIA superior product that is a STUNTMAN 500 SL which contain the active ingredient Dimehypo.

Demonstration plot was conducted focusing on the island of Java, West Java, Central Java and East Java, when we visit the field where the demonstration plots was done there are a lot of farmers who witnessed the demonstration plot. We, PT RIA always perform routine Farmer Meeting (FM) to local farmer, or any farmer who crossed to see the results of a STUNTMAN on the product, in addition to the right identifies how the use of FM is also aimed to support farmers' knowledge itself, not least because fields or land they have become damaged and fall due to lack of knowledge and choose a drug / pesticide appropriate for the target disease. What a happy lot of positive response that came out of the farmers there, one of which is the very farmers find it helpful in controlling pests in his rice field especially on stem borer and brown plant hopper in plants.

Many farmers also realized because of abortion higher at 500 SL, the dose of their use became more efficient and economical for them. With the positive responses that strongly encourages us even more excited to develop top quality products so that we can assist and support the welfare of farmers, agriculture and plantations in Indonesia.